Mr. Hemjit Maloo

He is deeply associated with the Rajasthani music and through Veena Cassettes, he has done a notable work in this segment. VEENA- The widely popular music establishment from the land of superlatives, Rajasthan, is committed to developing, preserve and promote the rich tradition of Rajasthani Folk- Music. The music created by "Veena:" is devoid of the commercial string attached to the so-called popular music of today and presented in its pure traditional form preserving its rich heritage.

Rajasthani Singer The endeavor at "Veena" is to appraise music loving public at large about Rajasthani Culture and its common rituals, fairs and festivals. "Veena" is proclaimed to be created with an ever increasing popularity of Rajasthani Folk Music. In the last 4 years, the company has released about 50 popular albums, out of 4 part of 'Ghoomar' has created a milestone in India as well as abroad. The ever increasing demand for "Veena" creation has prompted the company to start making CD of each cassette and around 40 audio Cds have so far been introduced.

In leadership of Mr.Maloo, organizing cultural programme to promote and popularise folk music is Veena's forte, which has attracted huge crowd even in mega cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Surat, Singapore, Aurangabad and On the foundation day of Jodhpur at Umed Bhawan Palace and other places in India in Rajasthan shows were presented at Jaipur ,Kota, Baran, Sikar, Jhunjhanu, Churu and Bundi where 15000 to 50000 people enjoyed the programme till late night at all places, for each of these programmes special light effects and sound effects are put to use with original soundtrack and the programme is presented on Computerized digital sound.